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'Yuyudhan' - Movie | ZBC Shorts

Mr. X and Mr. Y are the two common characters among us. Life insurance agent Mr. X struggles hard to ensure a healthy social life for his widow mother, wife and the baby yet to get birth. On the other hand Government employee Mr. Y fights to provide more comfort to his octogenarian father at his death bed along with his own wife, son and a mentally retarded sister. On this course we see Mr. X refuses to favour Mr. Y’s father at the hospital as he is getting late for office. And the tragic end of the story shows that he himself asks favour from Mr. Y to ensure an insurance policy to secure his job while Mr. Y is busy for his father’s cremation. The hardcore reality of life makes us combatant on account of struggle for existence. But at the end of the day we need others beside us to survive.

Director : Piali Sarkar

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