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The tagline says it all. The Actual Fear Lies Within You. Really for me, ghost is just an embodiment of our inner possessed guilt & fear. The director Kanishk in the film had this guilt ridden fear within him that appeared before him as Brishti. Never for a single moment even, Souptik's character did see ot felt Bristi's appearance. The twist that Brishti & Nandini - the two ladies are same has been revealed at ending. Well that's why I have kept my production team's name Twisted Ending films. In my next all works, there will be a splendid twist in the end. Everyone's blessing & wishes are humbly required.I would also like to thank hugely Mr. Srijit Mukherji, whose Arden fan I am. I really got huge inspiration from his masterpiece "Chotushkone" & started writing this particular story after watching the film. The story narrated by Goutam Ghose's character in the film has a huge impact on "Brishti" s plot.

Director : Tanmay Poddar

Tanmoy Poddar, the director of "Brishti Elo Neme" has also worked as an actor in 3 short films & a documentary .This movie is very special to him as he has made the story, screenplay, set designing, make up- costume, lights, background score & a bit acting in it.

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