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'Pay Back' - Movie | ZBC Shorts

Sudipto, Rani and Arun are inseparable best friends. One day, tragedy strikes:Arun’s body is found at a local construction site. When Rani – who is also the late Arun’s girlfriend – witnesses Sudipto among a local gossip group discussing Arun’s untimely death, she is repulsed at his disrespect of Arun’s memory and denounces him as her best friend.Sudipto, who harbours a secret infatuation towards Rani, has always been jealous of Arun. In a hackneyed plot to try to get Rani for himself, he lures Arun to the abandoned construction site and murders him. His efforts are in vain, as Rani now no longer wants anything to do with him.Guilt-ridden, he visits the construction site in search for answers, only for his story to come to a shocking end, as his best friend is now out seeking payback.

Director : Tapabrata Basak

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